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Adam Ward

CJI Ultimate Illusion I (Norfolk)

Hi Chris Just received my new bat and it is astonishing. When I first took it out of the box I thought you'd sent me a limited edition bat by accident, it is huge but yet still picks up like a dream. I can't thank you enough for both the bat and your superb service. Also the ambassador voucher was a very nice touch. Thanks again Adam.

Danny Warren

CJI Sumo Limited Edition (Australia)

Hi Chris, just thought you may be interested. My LE Sumo has helped me make 111 runs so far this season with half a season to go and that I had only made 118 in my previous 2 seasons combined.
Everyone who I play against is stunned and impressed with the bat, and all want to have a good look and a swing of it after our match is finished. We even had a representative game at our home ground and our secretary came to my home and asked to borrow my bat as the juniors who were playing had heard about the " big bat " of a Coleraine player and wanted to know how big.
They were amazed and I've had people very interested in the bat to the point where half of my teammates want to use it when they go out to bat !!!!
It really is a great bat. When I first took it to training, a couple of teammates laughed at it and wondered how I could even lift it, let alone swing it.
But they have changed there tune now.
Thanks for a great bat, I love it.

Mark Potts

CJI Sumo Limited Edition (London)

Hiya Chris.I recently bought the CJI SUMO LE. Its awesome wieghing in at 3lb.10oz.when it arrived it had been oiled as it smelt of oil so i oiled it lightly again b4 knocking it in for an hour.i was told that it needs 2 hrs of knocking in b4 u can use it in the nets and then matches.i took it to a game last week and smashed 114 off bout 75 balls,it is fantastic-and the funny thing is it was'nt all the way knocked in!!!!.Some massive blows for six!!!!! neway since then i knocked it in for another hr and sanded it down to oil it for the last time for the winter period.what i want to know is do i need an anti scuff face for it or can i just keep the blade as it is? its all ready for winter nets now so i just wanted some advice please.it truly is awesome and for someone who bats like me (a power hitter at the top of the order it is perfect)

Manveer Gill

CJI Fatso Bat (Canada)

Many Many thanks to you chris and cji cricket for supplying the best products available as promised i absolutely loves the full size fatso the bat is a beast bigger than any kookaburra,gray-Nicholls,GM, you name it oh my lord thanks the fact that i bought a bat from best cji cricket, thanks a million thank you the best is so nice and perfect even the bounce on the willow reveals the truth of it being best english willow bat, CJI Cricket is the place to buy bat if you want to go out there are to smashhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! the ball any where in the field. ( i say with this bat in your hand you don't need to search the boundaries they will automatically come to you) i am 6'4 before every bat seem like little peace of wood in my hands but this bat is the only bat that will not look small in my hands. thanks chris i mean the service is amazing always you guys reply and best company to deal with really i am really happy today, you guy do what you promise completely, thanks chris and CJI CRICKET.

Charlie Tyler

CJI Ultimate 1000, CJI ( Fatso Isle of Wight )

Hiya Chris,

This is Charlie using my Dads email. I would just though you would like to know that I used the Fatso for the first time today in and indoor game/training session and WHOA! What a middle that bat has! I hit 6 sixes overall with 4 of them in just one over! Plus to go along with that I hit a good few fours!

Micah Greaves

CJI Fatso Limited Edition EWNI (North Yorkshire)

Hi Chris, I bought the Fatso LE about three weeks ago and just wanted to tell you how chuffed I am with it, I scored 28 in a friendly and followed it up with 101 yesterday. All in all a great bat with the best middle ive ever come across. Thanks a lot guys, great stuff.

David Shelly

CJI Sumo Limited Edition & CJI Sumo Size 6 For His Son ( Australia )

Hi, I just had to write and commend you on your amazing service.  And bats...   I bought a Sumo LE earlier in the year and it is simply amazing, so thank you.
I've been telling so many people here (Australia) about your products...On Monday just gone I ordered a Junior Sumo (size 6) for my son.
And I've already received it!!! Simply amazing... I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him   (he's 11).. So, again, a big thank you, Keep up the good work...
I'm a customer for life...

Dan Smith

CJI Fatso Bat, pads & gloves (Perth Australia)

Dear Chris,
Just wanted to say cheers again for the terrific Fatso bundle, the bat is great has a great middle and the guys at my club are all suitably impressed, the pads are very lightweight and comfortable as are the gloves, by the way Im 20 n.o. overnight this week when we start and I plan on getting plenty more....

Kind regards
Dan Smith ...Bedford-Morley Cricket Club ....Perth, Western Australia